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Our Story

After a trip to Italy, I was inspired to dive into the world of bread making. I spent time working at my family’s bakery in Little Italy, learning everything I could about the art of baking -- deepening my commitment and passion to a world unfamiliar to many.

Pulled by the urge to learn as much as I could, I enrolled in a baking class taught by a professor with over 40 years experience under her belt. When a family friend gifted me their family starter, naturally I grew more and more excited about bread, and inspired those around me to feel just as excited. Even my boyfriend became obsessed with bread -- so much so, he jumped at the first opportunity that came his way and enrolled in an intensive baking course at the San Francisco Baking Institute. It was clear that this would be a lifelong commitment.

After opening my own café, and wanting to expand into being able to bake our own bread, I opened up my very own bakery in the heart of Mission Beach -- curating recipes that represented not only my love for bread but also my community’s. We’ve built a family bakery that provides freshly baked bread, organic coffee and good conversation to our local patrons and businesses. We are beyond excited to continue growing and being a staple in the Mission Beach family. Thank you so much for sharing in our dream and commitment of building a community bakery.